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Personnel certification and procedures 

The certification of persons is performed according to the requirements of the Standard EN ISO / IEC 17024: 2012 by the Organization that works with the certification of persons of BUREAU VERITAS


The accredited certification body BUREAU VERITAS authorizes the personnel for production and repair of integral assemblies in accordance with the Regulation on the basic requirements and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and the EU Directive 2014/68.


Welders and operators of metal materials are certified in accordance with EN ISO 9606, Upon written request to we provide information on the issued certificates, their validity and scope.

Other services in the field of staff certification are the following:

- Certification of welders in accordance with EN 9606

- Welding procedure certification EN 15614

- Certification of manufacturers of welded structures in accordance with EN 3834, EN 15085, EN 1090

- Welding supervision

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