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Document management system

Why do we need a Document Management System (DMS)? What is SharePoint Document Management?
Why do we need it?

Why don’t we just continue with our current system?


Documents are an important part of our lives. They’re essential whether it’s personal documentation that we keep in our homes, or professional documents that enterprise corporations are relying on.

The future of documentation turns towards the electronic world. The ways in which we manage them are changing too. Many companies develop dedicated management systems for digital documentation. Stay tuned as we’re about to delve into why they’re important.

Benefits of a Document Management System

As our documentation begins to increase, so does the need for management. It is nearly impossible to find the right document that you need if they are not properly managed and organized.

While document management on paper is done by a real person, the options with digital documentation are more flexible.

The most effective method is having a document management system, which has multiple benefits for the user, such as:

документ менаџмент систем.png

SharePoint is Customizable

Approximately 65% of all organizations using SharePoint add custom functionality to the software.

This means businesses that use SharePoint can customize the software to their specific requirements and have it suit their preferences better.

The flexibility is very helpful for larger organizations who need specific functionalities from their software.

It also works compatibly with third-party security tools in case the company needs a different type of security, compared to the software’s own.

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