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A visual and user-friendly OEE software that helps manufacturing companies improve productivity and remove waste as they become better.

OEE software. Easy to use.
Easy to understand.


Evocon is a real-time cloud-based production monitoring system that enables manufacturers to:

  • Automate and digitize machine data collection

  • Get quick and intuitive insight into production performance

  • Identify bottlenecks and improvement areas

  • Increase equipment effectiveness

  • Monitor production downtime, OEE, performance and quality

OEE as a universal KPI


Monitoring both efficiency and productivity

  • Quantify and measure equipment potential

  • Identify sources of loss

Value achieved through OEE optimization

  • Waste reduction, tackle production losses

  • Lower costs of manufacturing process

  • Improvements in overall productivity

  • Increased awareness of the hidden factory

  • Improve machine health and performance

  • Investment decisions based on actionable data

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