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Benefits of industry 4.0 – cost reductions and increased productivity

Higher productivity and better efficiency

Industry 4.0 helps you do more with less. This means a faster production process that uses less raw materials and production resources to produce more while keeping the costs down.

As the human input is minimal and machines have enhanced monitoring systems, the smart factories benefit from less downtime, because preventive maintenance can be done at the right moment. It also helps to locate any production-related problems in real time and solve them with adequate data in hand.

The production unit as a whole will be more efficient, because the different areas of the production unit are aware of the workloads of each line and device. 

As the machines are able to do production-related decisions according to the sensory input and collected data, they can optimize production processes to produce more and faster. Combined with automated reporting and connectivity with resource management softwares, a smart factory helps make better business decisions.

Reduced costs

The initial investments for implementing Industry 4.0 solutions are substantial but change does not happen overnight or on its own. However, when transition to a smart factory has been made, in addition to better productivity you will be able to see a considerable cost reduction. 

Let’s look at it this way: smart factory helps to use resources more efficiently, reduces downtime dramatically, helps to manufacture faster, with better quality, less material and product waste and low operating costs. 


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