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Microsoft Sharepoint and How It Can Help in Business

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most powerful, yet under-utilized, software in the industry. It is an extremely powerful piece of software that provides everyone with the power to organize information. It allows you to store and share information on any device with ease. It stores all types of content like documents, web pages, presentations, white papers, blogs, online presentations etc., according to their importance and relevance to the organization. It is the latest and second-largest hosting service provided by Microsoft. It can be customized to suit many different businesses and the features and capabilities of this tool are continuously growing and expanding.

In this article, we will go through all the capabilities of SharePoint and understand its importance to building a better business. Let’s discover!

Microsoft SharePoint: A Review and Comparison

Microsoft SharePoint has many features that make it the best product available for sharing documents. It can be configured to store any file type, including PDFs, Excels, Word Documents and so on. And it stores them in a way that its users are able to access the files at any time. The other advantages are that it can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet with a web browser, which means that you don’t have to install anything on your computer. The tool has an online version as well as a desktop version for use by end-users – both offer almost identical functionality at almost identical price points.

Moreover, SharePoint is an ideal tool for marketing managers, sales reps, and business owners as well to create content on the go. It lets you make changes to your content on-site or off-site. By integrating Sharepoint with different applications such as Salesforce, Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office 365, you can easily generate content for different events and documents within these platforms. Currently, it is used by over 90% of the world’s 500 largest companies.

As a Collaboration Tool, SharePoint Has So Many Possibilities

The productivity of SharePoint is unmatched by any other software package that provides all these features on a single platform. SharePoint has many possibilities for collaboration with colleagues in order to get ready with all information related to the project or product.

SharePoint team sites let teams:

  • Store and collaborate on various types of content

  • Manage team workflows

  • Organise brainstorming and team building activities

  • Access team and corporate resources

  • Accumulate team knowledge

How to Build a Better Business with SharePoint

SharePoint has played a huge role in the current digital business landscape. It serves as an ideal platform for many different applications such as an intranet, intranet plus, e-commerce and collaboration. With the help of SharePoint, business owners can build a better business since SharePoint is a central digital portal that facilitates communication, collaboration and information sharing, all what a business needs. It helps businesses run more efficiently and achieve their goals. It supports everything from mobile applications to website creation. The portal is known as the best way to share data with other business owners and employees.

Here are 5 ways SharePoint can benefit you and your company:

Encourages Collaboration

From the inception of SharePoint, there has been an emphasis on collaboration. The platform has played its role in bringing together ideas and information into one unified ecosystem. By joining the sharing world, users can collaborate more effectively and efficiently across applications, regardless of whether they are using.

Promotes Employee Mobility And Remote Access

Specially designed to enable remote access and mobility to corporate infrastructures. The user interface of the application provides a familiar and easy-to-use user experience which makes MS Sharepoint a great choice for both on-premises and cloud environments.

Lets Employees Make Informed Decisions

SharePoint has become an integral part of almost every business whether it be small or large. It has become necessary for companies to leverage the power of SharePoint for their everyday business needs. It allows the creation of live, interactive portals that can display business information from multiple sources. It then shows this data on dashboards, scorecards, and more. This allows you to only show the KPI’s that are most important to the health of your business. SharePoint’s Centralised Report Centre gives users a single place to view this data. It also allows users to easily build personalised views, as well as create and submit their own content for approval.

Allows You To Prioritise Tasks And Ideas

SharePoint is one of the best tools for creating task lists. By using SharePoint, you can create individual task lists and mark them as completed or assigned to a certain team member. Once completed, you can easily integrate with various tools such as Outlook and Project Professional.

Simplify Everyday Business Activities

SharePoint offers a wide range of software to help users with simple and everyday tasks software such as creating new files, sharing files, adding new content, creating workflows – all within SharePoint.The efficiencies SharePoint provides within your in-house teams alone are enough to make the return well worth the investment.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of SharePoint and how it can improve your business? Our Business Connect team has deep expertise in M365 & SharePoint and can enable you to move and participate in the collaboration you need to succeed today.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let’s connect!

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