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Share point Document management system

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

At Velder company dooel Skopje we build custom document management systems (DMS) on SharePoint with a wide range of capabilities to streamline document processing at your enterprise.

We’ve simplified the creation and use of templates meaning your team can create their own or access company approved templates. This ultimately allows them to produce documents faster than ever before.

Number of employees in your company who manage documents?

  • 1-5

  • 6-10

  • 10-20

  • >20

Discover any document with easy

SharePoint DMS offers several options for quick and effective search, for example, full-text search. Before you save a new document, you need to fill in metadata (title, meta title, approval status, customer, project, etc.) that also becomes the search basis and helps to retrieve the document easily when needed.

Easily Create Templates

Traditionally, creating templates is difficult and time-consuming. With SharePoint Template Manager, this is a thing of the past. Our advanced field creator allows you to rapidly create the exact field you need, which can then simply be copied and pasted into your document (word, excel, ppt).

Collaborate on documents in real time

With SharePoint , your employees can view, edit and share documents from any location and device (PC, tablet, mobile phone). To enable communication between reviewers of a document, we can add a custom chat to SharePoint DMS. The system can also reflect all changes made to a document and mark them in different colors in real time, depending on the initiator of changes, to facilitate collaboration


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